Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

Smart Garage Door Opener:

Q1: Is the app supported by iPhone (IOS)/ Android?

A1: We are using either SmartLife or Tuya app, both apps supported by IOS and Android systems.

Q2: Can we use one garage opener for more than one garage?

A2: One garage controller can only control one garage. So, if you have for example two garage doors, you need two controllers.

Q3: What are the requirements to install a smart garage door controller?

A3: It is required a power source for the device and a good Wi-Fi signal.


Q1: Are the smart devices supported by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

A1: The smart devices support both virtual assistants.

Q2: Is it required that Wi-Fi is always present and connected to smart devices?

A2: Yes, it is required that smart devices to be connected to the Wi-Fi to control them by your phone from any place, but you can control them manually in case that Wi-Fi went off.

Q3: How many device we can share the control with !?

A3: You can share the control of your home to 20 phones, so they will be able to control the smart devices in the home.

Wi-Fi Switches:

Q1: Does the smart switch require neutral wire?

A1: There are two types of smart switches. One requires neutral wire to be connected to the smart switch, and the other type doesn’t require a neutral wire.


Q1: What is the warranty duration for the smart devices?

A1: All the smart devices have a warranty period for 12 months, except the virtual assistant devices ( Google & Amazon ) have a warranty period for 3 months.

· IR Controller:

Q1: What are the devices that IR can control?

A1: Smart IR Controller can control almost all the devices that work with IR Signals such as Air conditioning, Television, TV Receiver, humidifier, speaker, strip lights and more!

Q2: What is the difference between IR, IR-Pro, and IR-RF?

A2: Normal IR Controller is suitable for most the homes as its cost is lower than the others, the coverage range for the device is around 10 meters.

IR-Pro Controller is featured with a more coverage range to around 15 meters and more listed devices are available in the software.

IR-RF Controller is a good option for the user who wants to control any RF device that are compatible with the signal 433.92MHz

Q3: How many IR controllers I need to control two AC Split?

A3: For each Room/ Hall, you will need an IR device with a condition that the distance between the IR device and the other controlled devices is maximum 15 meters.

Amazon Alexa:

Q1: Does Echo dot 4 (Alexa) support Arabic Language?

A1: Yes, all Alexa voice assistance are able to speak Arabic!